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Phil Whittall

Just wanted to say I like your website (PS I know I guess one of your colleagues Abby Bick, she was in my church over Christmas visitin family)anyway wondered what your view of supermarkets in general was?

Keep it up




Hey Phil,
With my idealist head on...
Besides co-op, which is a little different, I hate supermarkets. They are completely driven by convinience and consequently there is little ethical/environmental concern.
Realistically, they're mighty handy and I all too often find myself gracing their aisles (including earlier today).
Environmentally supermarkets are a nightmare, warming the air and leaving the door open, and cooling fridges with no doors uses a lot of energy (ie carbon). Monbiot has a nice idea about shopping. He says online shopping should rule the day and i like his idea. No supermarkets, just warehouses which do daily deliveries and corner shops and deli's.
Cloud 9 me thinks!

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