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Great to see you there Phil, hopefully we'll be able to catch up more at Greenbelt too.


Hey Phil,
My only comment would be that I don't think Blah is necessarily aimed at emerging churchers or their leaders - it's just a forum to challenge and enlighten those who want to engage in the theory and theology of that scene. And - I'm not THAT old! ;-)


I think people in the "emerging church" (gah! I hate labels!) are old fogies, compared to your youthful self Phil, because it does often consist of people who are either un-churched or people who have grown cynical or have tried "established" church structures for years and then felt God calling them to do something on different lines.

You're right about the emerging church not having had a chance yet to bring young people through its ranks.

It has to be said that a number of the even-OLDER people that were there I recognised from evangelical churches and not from emerging churches.

You need not have anyone "open your eyes" to the emerging church's flaws. I think anyone who is involved in the movement can clearly see we have a long way to go, and anyone who espouses a belief that emerging church is the answer to everything should be smothered in a large pinch of salt.

Good to see you on Tuesday.

Eyan (Sanctus1)


I realised in my above comment I careless used the phrase "evangelical churches and not emerging churches", thereby falling into the trap of using labels that I so hate. Scrap "evangelical" and read "established big non-emerging sensible church"... or something...

Paul Saxton

Just to throw in a comment on older people! I think its more encouraging to see 'older' people take up the emerging church movement, simply because we moan that old people dont like change and refuse to accept young or alternative styles of worship!

I believe through this acceptance by the oldies will soon attract young people and give more respect to the older leaders, which can seem to lack today!

The only problem that could arise is the traditional emerging church!!!! Keep your eyes open.

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Bookmarked this page,thanks god someone that actually knows what they are talking about

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