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Paul Saxton

Only because I have a day off and like to stir will I say this!!!

Its interesting to note if there are songs we are not familiar with but have a good beat etc, we accept them and think thats good stuff!!! If it is something we dont like we refuse to worship to it...maybe this is the underlying reason to why old and young seem to not worship together and not accept each others styles! An example has to start somewhere!

Food for thought anyway, bless you


Phil Smith

Yeah good point Sacko, it was partly said tongue in cheek but you raise an interesting point... i think there are some other issues besides intolerance though. For example taking sunday as an example I find it difficult to really engage with God when there is so much that is so unfamiliar and so little to stir my soul. It's not for want of trying, I think we all need something that we can hook onto (be that words or a particular rhythm or images or whatever) and without any one of these the act of worship has little meaning. Perhaps all age worship needs to provide different hooks for different people theological words for the oldies, a drummer for the youngies and a picture of a stained glass window for those of us caught in the middle!

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