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bill millar

I have to say 'amen' Phil. After over 25 years in ministry I've come to recognize that it doesn't matter that much about me. God has worked through me when I have been devout and attentive and spiritual [it happened one February in the 80's] and also when I have been full of my own shit - self-destructive, self-indulgent, and self-referential. Seems often enough God is happy just to have a body/mouth/spirit handy. Shaddai, one of the Hebrew names for God means The-One=who-is-sufficient/enough and therefore, by definition, we are the ones who are not. It's not our faith but God's faithfulness that matters. God seems just as likely to use our incompetencies as our competencies.

Phil Smith

Great comment Bill. One of my old tutors at cliff used to say "it's not about having a great faith in god, it's about having faith in a great god"

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