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If you are unhappy with US military aid to Israel, perhaps you should contact your congressional delegation. The US has been supplying military aid to Israel long before George W became president.

Khouri makes some very good points. I wish it could be that simple and maybe it could be, but each side needs to have a sense of security before either would be willing to lay down arms. What I don't understand is the term "Israeli occupation". Is he referring to pre-1948 borders? I ask because Israel had already withdrawn from the Golan Heights and Gaza, so I'm not sure what is being "occupied" unless he is referring to the entire nation of Israel.


Surely the illegal Jewish settlements in the west bank, gaza and the Golan heights with their own routes in and out of Israel (for exclusive Israeli use), amounting to more than 400,000 settlers occupying huge area's of land illegally confiscated by the Israeli government can be called an occupation?
Good post Phil, I hate the idea that Christians jump on the Israel bandwagon and overlook every bit of evil done by Israel because of some skiwiffy theological interpretation. I have spent the last week looking for a 'balanced' book on the theology of the middle east conflicts and have yet to suceed. Anyone recommend something?

Paul Martin

Ruthe, I would recommend Colin Chapman's 'Whose Promised land?' He has also written 'Whpse Promised City?' which I have yet to read.

I also recommend anything by Elias Chacour.

An interesting book dating back to the 1990s is Dan O'Neill and Don Wagner's Peace of Armageddon' which dates back to the time of the Rabib/Atafat handshake but is still with much relevant analysis.

Phil Smith

Thanks Paul. My reading in this area is particularly poor so I might also dig those books out.
I know Stephen Sizer has a couple of books on the matter but I suspect they may be clearly written in support of his agenda.
I read Brother Andrew's, Light Force last year, that was good though not of the historical-political genre that you're looking for

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