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good to see you at the belt green

we had the good abbot here at les cotils earlier this year, i like the idea of the text reading us - stocki has been saying this for a while now:

he states that he know longer reads the bible, rather he wants the bible to read him...


Hi Phil,
I found this blog when flicking through the Headway site.I class myself as a young Evangelical Christian.I used to attend a Methodist Chapel in my youth,on the south coast.

I have noticed that much of the blogs are'political' or ethical in emphasis.I enjoy the humour and am whole hartedly behind the importance of 'real discipleship',and making a difference in society.I am disturbed at the shallow natrue of much of the 'evangelical' church,and back your stance on ethical issues.

I would like to ask what your views are on the essentials of the faith,traditionally held by Methodists.In your blog you comment very little on personal salvation?,the need of a saviour?,or the place of preaching and Bible study.?

what happens to an unbeliever who dies without Christ,yet lives an ethical life?.What of the true believer who has trusted Christ and follows Christ,yet has little regard for environmental issues?.Do you believe in eternal punishment?. I am not being controversial,just interested in your views.

There are many political organisations who promote green issues,yet they are have no gospel?.Pauls great concern as to preach the gospel,should this not be the emphasis.

Please bear with me as this emerging church stuff is very new to me.

Chris Clancy

James Church

I have recently read Finding Sanctuary and found it enriched my personal spirituality deeply. I am not so sure about questioning the text but I think that reading against the grain of the text can sometimes tease out meanings of which we were unaware and give us a more nuanced understanding of scripture. Could I take this opportunity to ask you to advertise the interface (www.theinterface.org.uk) it is a Methodist website designed to encourage discussion between Christianity and Culture. It has been running for sometime now but Methodist Church House is looking to give it a real boost. I hope you find time to check it out... and I wish you all the best as you explore the possibility of establishing an emerging church upon the tyne. I may be able to put you intouch with existing fresh expressions if you send me an email... or take a look at the freshexpressions website (though I recognise FX are not the same as EC). God bless.

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