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Paul Martin

Great manager indeed but Liverpool the most successful club in England - surely that's the Mancunian Red Devils!

Phil Smith

An interesting discussion point Paul. But [needless to say] I'm going to have to disagree. The stats speak for themselves:
Top division titles: Man Utd 15 Mighty Reds 18
European Cup/Champions League: Man Utd 2 Mighty Reds 5

Any further discussion on this matter would be welcomed as I'm fairly confident!

Paul Martin

Mmm You seem to omit the fact that United have won the World's greatest Cup competition, the FA Cup 11 times whilst the less than mighty Anfield Reds have only managed a paltry 7!

Re Championships, I guess that I am a bit of a Pol Pot type. I regard the setting up of the Premiership as a sort of Year Zero. On that basis, United seem to have an edge.

Sadly my son despite his fine upbringing, seems to favour your lot. Even when he was about 8, the practice began that when returning to the Isle of Man from holiday, I would have to drive like a bat out of Hell so that he could torment me by forcing me to take him to the Anfield Shop. Still it was good on one occasion to discover an Everton fan working there. I wonder what Shanks would think of that!

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