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indeed. a truly wonderful film. glad you got to see it and mentioned it here. I guess what i took away from it was the theme of despite our personal failures, foibles or idiosyncrasies (which we all have) there are always people around us who still love us unconditionally.

i loved the scene when the son breaks down after his bad news and refuses to get in the car for hours and his little sister just climbs down to him and puts her arm around him, which is what makes him return back to the family. Nothing was said in that scene at all, but it seemed to signify what the film was about for me. likewise the main scene at the end of the film too! That beautiful togetherness and protection in the midst of absurdity. great stuff!


I loved this movie too, probably my favourite of last year. Heartwarming without trying to be. The humour is superb, even the obvious gags are hilarious

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I haven't seen it, so thanks for the review. I'm off to Netflix...

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