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I agree that the church is a good and godly institution, and certainly it does contain 'stupid' people. The gospel is for the stupid, the failing, the people that have messed up and the people that don't have all the answers, so I think it's good that you find these people in church. If we're honest with ourselves, we're all stupid in many ways, and arrogant, and unloving and judgemental. I have been guilty of being very critical of the church in the past, but it has been humbling to realise that a lot of my criticisms could so easily be directed back at me. The Bible defines what church ought to be - a body of people centred round the gospel, taking God's word seriously, worshipping and praying to him and trying to share his love and truth with unbelievers. I think this is what we should be striving for and we should be praying for God's grace and wisdom so that we can serve others and encourage them in their faith.

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Well said by all.

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